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newsbot 06.04.2012 23:14

[11940] Rewrite and cleanup DB Script Engine
Автор: Schmoozerd

<pre>m doc/script_commands.txt
m sql/mangos.sql
+ sql/updates/11940_01_mangos_creature_movement_scripts.sql
+ sql/updates/11940_02_mangos_event_scripts.sql
+ sql/updates/11940_03_mangos_gameobject_scripts.sql
+ sql/updates/11940_04_mangos_gossip_scripts.sql
+ sql/updates/11940_05_mangos_quest_end_scripts.sql
+ sql/updates/11940_06_mangos_quest_start_scripts.sql
+ sql/updates/11940_07_mangos_spell_scripts.sql
m src/game/Map.cpp
m src/game/Map.h
m src/game/ObjectMgr.cpp
m src/game/ScriptMgr.cpp
m src/game/ScriptMgr.h
m src/game/SpellEffects.cpp
m src/game/WaypointManager.cpp
m src/shared/revision_nr.h
m src/shared/revision_sql.h
<pre style='white-space:pre-wrap;width:81ex'>[11940] Rewrite and cleanup DB Script Engine

* Moved actual script processing code to ScriptMgr
* Unifed and improved log output. Now table-name is passed to each script execution
* Added the "buddy concept" to all commands (except the outdated direct field change commands):
Now all commands support to search a creature (or go for some commands) in a radius, with which to do some stuff.
See doc/script_commands.txt for more details and information

Attention DB Devs:
Current DB-Scripts are converted automatically as far as possible, but some old target selecting mechanics were not reasonable to do automated.
For such cases the command is marked with data_flags & 0x10 (==16), which will throw DB-Errors to track them down faster

Thanks to NeatElves and especially Grz3s for testing!

Signed-off-by: Schmoozerd <></pre>


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