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schmoozerd 28.08.2012 02:23

Welcome to english speaking subforum!
Dear Community,

welcome to the english speaking subforum of!

Thanks to Kirix for setting up this subforum :)

You can select english style for this forum on the bottom.
The registration is now simplified / translated. Thanks to Kirix for his work!

Also you can access this forum with, in case you prefer!

Our source code is located at

To help with the transition about git management, take a look at

Also you are welcome to drop by in irc on server channel #cmangos to ask for some help :)

Welcome and enjoy the C(ontinued)-MaNGOS project

Vladimir 28.08.2012 02:52


dbauz 03.09.2012 22:03

I am very happy to be part of the Russian community mangos. I hope to bring a small stone to the edifice.

schmoozerd 07.09.2012 12:48

Registration is now much easier - test yourself if not yet registered :)

dbauz 02.10.2012 23:13

Vehicules 3.3.5
The implementation vehicle is always required with Cmangos (kid10 and Schmoozerd). Good news they are almost operational. And all this without sql injection to db. Hats off gentlemen devs.
only condition should be grouped to use 2 or 3 seater vehicles
Tested and approved by one of my gamemaster. Who told me the news.
Here is hoping that you will use this little trick. Good game all on woltk 3.3.5. :thank_you::thank_you::thank_you:

rumpilstilskin 09.10.2012 01:49

Hi guys^^

Happy to find you here:)

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